• Keelie Hartigan


We started the day with laughs and giggles for my first show to put the nerves behind us.

I was looking forward to the first opening of the show with a dance. The crowd was amazing clapping after all the scenes. I fed off their energy which made me get more hyped, which made me remember my lines and add expression to my character. After we got out of our meeting I quickly ran down stairs to go outside to the car park to meet and greet people before the show.

I personally think that was one of my favourite parts of the day because it was really nice to meet the kids we were about to perform to.

But in all of this my favourite was putting on the show listening to the crowd cheer as we first jumped on stage was amazing. I appreciate all the people that came and supported me that day. I couldn't have performed the way I did without their encouragement.

I strongly believe that kids from ages 10 to teenage years and onwards should get into acting its a great way to boost your self confidence its very fun to do infant of the camera or on stage you get to express how your feeling through the character that you are playing. For me personally acting has really helped me with how I look at myself before I started my Carrie in acting I was very self conscious on how I looked and how I sound like but acting has helped with that because I don't always have to me I can play a totally different person and had my on spring onto it.


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