You are about to be uploaded to the Reel Management website where casting agents from all over the world stop in to look at who is registered with us. Not only will you be uploaded to this website, you'll also receive your own login and password for the national data base - Casting Networks. This is where Casting Agents from around the world will post the jobs from major campaigns, TV series roles and feature films as well as lucrative TV commercials and online advertising.

You are able to upload your own content, add more photos, videos and information about your career to date. It is very important to keep current with fresh professional photos and every time you book a job, it's wise to update your profile where you have control.

Please fill in the required form that allows us quick access to your statistics for clients around the world. Please note that children's height, age etc will NOT be displayed. First names only.



We have an IT  subscription fee to make you at least two profiles on the different industry platforms. The public website Reel Management and the industry website; Casting Networks. Please click the PayPal button below. Your payment will be registered but please make sure you fill in the name of the person in the description for our bank records.