We are very passionate about this industry and must let you know that it is experiencing a rapid growth in Queensland in 2019.


This news is exciting but there are rules terms and conditions to working with Reel Management. You will need to fill a niche as we have a lot of exceptional models and actors on our books already and our priority is to find them (our signed actors and models) quality work where they fit the brief.  

If you apply and are not accepted at this time, please don't take this as a rejection of you personally. We aim to place our models and actors in the workplace as paid professionals. Please feel free to reapply in six months from now. We send our contracted models to international agencies (Korea, Milan, London, Belgium and Hong Kong) and nationally to Sydney and Melbourne.

Our actors are working in the industry and have been submitted for TV series, short films, feature films, TV commercials and web series.

Please, you must take your instagram profile off private. We will not chase you and this will cease your application.